Culinary Fight Club for Chicago’s Foodies

So the food coma from Culinary Fight Club has worn off a bit and the March Culinary Fight Club events are approaching!  So the question is, does Culinary Fight Club throw down as promised?

Here’s a blow by blow of the Culinary Fight Club experience!

First, umm don’t come late if possible cuz you might miss some good stuff.  The room was humming with culinary energy when we entered and we were a bit confused on how to get started.  We whisked ourselves over to the bar to grab our included drinks and then grabbed a viewing spot to see the PANTRY RACE!

What is the PANTRY RACE?  Welp, four chefs sweat it out running to a table full of ingredients.  With arms packed full of meats, seasonings, veggies or condiments, the chefs hustle back to their station and that’s when things really get cookin’.


The February Culinary Chef Competitors:

Countdown Began!

4 Skilled Chefs then have 60 minutes tick tocking on the clock to create the best dish with one central theme. February’s theme was Savory Chocolate.

Once the gauntlet is thrown, you can walk around to each chef, ask questions and observe their processes.  Anxiety, excitement and savory smells fill the air as you watch steaks sizzling, fritters frying, and chicken cutlets cooking on the grill.

The Finale! Judges’ and Tasters’ Choice!

Judges are presented with the final dishes after 1 hour.  Then you can walk around and decide for yourself who is the champion of this battle royale.  Our number one was The Marshmallow Fairy’s unique creation of beignets stuffed with bacon and rolled in chocolate.

Our Final Thoughts

So, this all sounds awesome right?  Who wouldn’t like Culinary Fight Club?  Well, although there were veggie appetizers, people with dietary restrictions or who are vegan/vegetarian may want an animal free night out.  Culinary Fight Club was very meat heavy.

Wanna catch the next round?

Check out March’s Pork event or upcoming months, Taco!, Blended Burgers, Pitmaster Battle, Steak, Seafood or Sip and Bite in over ten cities.  You won’t only be helping your taste buds, you’ll be helping local charities, like Chicago’s Fight2Feed, with your ticket.

Buy your tickets here!   And don’t forget to follow Culinary Fight Club on Facebook for future fights!