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Photographer, extradonaire event planner, veg foodie, keeps secrets to the grave, beats google local at finding events, yoga lover, cat smuggler

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Central Park bike ride

Central Park bike ride

Storyteller, editor, short cut taker, avid reader, weird laugher, fitness adventurer, teacup pig stalker

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We are always looking for unique and engaging experiences and Chicago has plenty to offer.  We came up with ChiOrganic Girls as our friends were constantly stalking us for advice on events in the city as well as health/wellness tips. We do not claim to be experts but more, our novice opinions can help people just starting out to navigate the world of health and wellness.

We have been kicking it old school since 2008, year of the infamous Michigan trip, the advent of auto tune (here’s looking at you T Pain) and Kristen Stewart’s all day lip biting debut in Twilight.  Our friendship started off awkward initially since we come from two different cultures (hearing and deaf).  Gradually, we learned that we had to be face-to-face and speak clear as Mon could read lips and Kate started to learn sign language.  Mon had been attending fitness/yoga and events in the hearing world, not an easy task for people from deaf culture.  Kate opened herself up to deaf events and with her limited sign language ability, began to comprehend the struggles that Mon faces.  Both have a shared passion for yoga, health and wellness, fun free events and all things Chicago.

Please comment below your thoughts/suggestions or email us at chiorganicgirls@gmail.com


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    • You are welcome Seo Baldock! And thanks glad you did enjoyed reading it! Please do check us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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