Good Gut Health with ISOThrive

Tummy troubles, stomach sadness, paunch problems, they’re a connective part of human existence!  Bloated belly is a common cause of frown face for us on a monthly basis.  There’s a ton of developing research about taming the tummy through the use of probiotic foods or supplements… but have you heard of prebiotics?  We didn’t know too much about them until we got introduced to ISOThrive.

ISOThrive challenged us to try a 30 day supply of their prebiotic supplement to gain great gut health.  First, you must be wondering, what the hecky hoo is a prebiotic and why would I need it?

We’ve always been big on fermented foods like Kefir, pickles, kimchi (and Kate is on a huge local made sauerkraut kick) because they contribute to healthy digestion and they’re tasty to boot. However, we weren’t trying to integrate prebiotics intentionally in our diets.

Prebiotics contain important elements, primarily a particular fiber, that feed healthy gut bacteria.  Basically, it’s like your microbiome is a pet and it needs fancy kibble to keep it happy.

Foods like onions, asparagus, almonds and garlic are prebiotic.  

What’s the point, you say?

Larger intake of prebiotics is linked to benefits such as:

  • Better digestion
  • Reduced stress response
  • Balanced hormones
  • Less inflammation
  • And more!

Instead of ruining your breath by eating whole heads of garlic, you can easily integrate ISOThrive into your daily routine.


ISOThrive has no calories and is a prebiotic soluble fiber, also know as a a prebiotic nectar (sweet!).  Each serving, or convenient individual packet contains 1g of maltosyl-iso-malto-oligosaccharides (MIMO).  ISOThrive is the same ingredient that occurs when food is fermented.

This is our experience with ISOThrive.

  • Wake up
  • Mix the contents of the tiny sachet of ISOThrive into a cold glass of water and take our daily multivitamins
  • Enjoy a regular digestively blessed morning

We actually didn’t think too much the first week or two because our digestion isn’t the worst. Both of us eat a pretty healthy plant-based diet. When we did notice the difference of using ISOThrive was after we finished 30 days.  The joyous regular gut performance hit a bump or two once we stopped feeding our microbiome.  The routine of having such a high performing tummy track had left us unaware of the full benefits. Another box has been ordered for further testing!!

Willing to give this belly soother a try for more balanced digestive health? You can find ISOThrive on Amazon and it runs $40 for a month supply (a little over a dollar a day).

Rev up your microbiome and kick some digestive booty (haha)!





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