Delish Dishes & Drinks Inside Hotspot Hotel: 720 South Bar & Grill

We are about to plan the perfect summer date or ladies’ night out for you in Chicago. Ya ready?

First, you head to 720 South Bar & Grill for cocktails and the most beautiful cheese plate you’ve ever seen in your life.  Then, after having an amazing dinner, you head to SummerDance at Grant Park right across the street and learn a new dance style (think Swing, Bollywood, Samba, Zydeco, and more!) surrounded by the gorgeous backdrop of Chicago’s skyline.

After you’ve made room, come back to 720 South Bar & Grill for more libations.  Eat, sweat, repeat!


We had an absolute blast being treated to a meal at 720 South Bar & Grill recently for Negroni Week.  We didn’t even know this sweet spot existed and usually aren’t too impressed with hotel vittles.  Nestled in the Hilton Hotel, 720 South Bar & Grill, has an intimate quiet vibe with marble tables and impeccable service.  The Hilton is a historic and beautiful hotel situated right in the heart of our city.  You can read more about it here (including some 1920’s scandal and maybe ghosts?).

Once we arrived, we were whisked away to our private table beside the sunny windows that face Michigan Avenue.  We started with a Negroni with rum and the Hilton Chicago’s 90th Anniversary Cocktail, the Boulevardier.  This bottled cocktail was poured for us tableside.  It’s a twist on the classic Negroni with templeton rye instead of gin, mixed with sweet vermouth and zesty orange campari.  720 South Bar & Grill is actually a haven for bourbon and whiskey lovers.  Al Capone, one of our most notorious Chicagoans, swigged an iteration of this cocktail during prohibition times.  We found it to be more balanced and delightful than the super bitter rum Negroni.

Other summer drink suggestions to wow your guests, especially if you prefer less tang than a Negroni: The refreshing Gold Rush with old forester classic, 86pf bourbon, acacia honey syrup, and squeezed lemon juice or the Sunshine Daydream with local FEW bourbon, giffard abricot du roussillon liqueur, mango purée, splashed with tart lemon juice.


Our appetizer was the favorite, a gorgeous and fulfilling cheese plate, with sweet cherries swimming in a martini glass, surrounded by craft cheeses, nuts, and dried apricots, delicately laid out on a slice of wood.  This dish is made to impress AND share!

It was followed by our entrees: a hearty house made black bean chipotle burger, chili soy glazed wings, and rich cheesy truffle fries. We were so full from gorging on cheese, it was hard to indulge!  We championed through it though (with to go boxes in tow) and were satisfied.  Kate doesn’t usually like meat on the bone but found the wings to be juicy and peppery.  The truffle fries were crispy and garlicky and could rightfully serve 4-5 people.  The black bean burger was packed with fresh veggies on a buttery bun-great for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.


During our dinner, we were introduced to the humble and friendly Chef Erica McGhee and learned about the Hilton’s secret rooftop garden.  Chef Erica McGhee centers the menu around fresh local produce from the garden as well as other Midwestern elements.  Chef Erica learned to cook from her grandmother and dreams of owning her own restaurant someday, named after her culinary inspiration.  We look forward to following her future endeavors!


As if that weren’t enough, the amazing hospitality team treated us with pistachio raspberry pana cotta cheesecake with white chocolate lychee panna cotta garnished with fresh berries and chocolate sorbet.


See, now that you’ve indulged and your inhibitions are swayed, dancing under the stars will put the perfect hum to your evening!  Check out the SummerDance schedule here and when you visit the 720 South Bar & Grill, don’t hold back!

You’ll love the ambiance and selection of this joint.  We are so grateful for the team at 720 South Bar & Grill and hope to come back to tour the rooftop garden.  Our opinions are our own but we were treated to a free meal and drinks! What’s your go to spot in the loop for dinner before summer time events? Let us know in the comments!!



Good Gut Health with ISOThrive

Tummy troubles, stomach sadness, paunch problems, they’re a connective part of human existence!  Bloated belly is a common cause of frown face for us on a monthly basis.  There’s a ton of developing research about taming the tummy through the use of probiotic foods or supplements… but have you heard of prebiotics?  We didn’t know too much about them until we got introduced to ISOThrive.

ISOThrive challenged us to try a 30 day supply of their prebiotic supplement to gain great gut health.  First, you must be wondering, what the hecky hoo is a prebiotic and why would I need it?

We’ve always been big on fermented foods like Kefir, pickles, kimchi (and Kate is on a huge local made sauerkraut kick) because they contribute to healthy digestion and they’re tasty to boot. However, we weren’t trying to integrate prebiotics intentionally in our diets.

Prebiotics contain important elements, primarily a particular fiber, that feed healthy gut bacteria.  Basically, it’s like your microbiome is a pet and it needs fancy kibble to keep it happy.

Foods like onions, asparagus, almonds and garlic are prebiotic.  

What’s the point, you say?

Larger intake of prebiotics is linked to benefits such as:

  • Better digestion
  • Reduced stress response
  • Balanced hormones
  • Less inflammation
  • And more!

Instead of ruining your breath by eating whole heads of garlic, you can easily integrate ISOThrive into your daily routine.


ISOThrive has no calories and is a prebiotic soluble fiber, also know as a a prebiotic nectar (sweet!).  Each serving, or convenient individual packet contains 1g of maltosyl-iso-malto-oligosaccharides (MIMO).  ISOThrive is the same ingredient that occurs when food is fermented.

This is our experience with ISOThrive.

  • Wake up
  • Mix the contents of the tiny sachet of ISOThrive into a cold glass of water and take our daily multivitamins
  • Enjoy a regular digestively blessed morning

We actually didn’t think too much the first week or two because our digestion isn’t the worst. Both of us eat a pretty healthy plant-based diet. When we did notice the difference of using ISOThrive was after we finished 30 days.  The joyous regular gut performance hit a bump or two once we stopped feeding our microbiome.  The routine of having such a high performing tummy track had left us unaware of the full benefits. Another box has been ordered for further testing!!

Willing to give this belly soother a try for more balanced digestive health? You can find ISOThrive on Amazon and it runs $40 for a month supply (a little over a dollar a day).

Rev up your microbiome and kick some digestive booty (haha)!




Meatless Monday Blog: Gluten Free Bread

Yes yes, we know gluten free living has become trendy but it’s also very real for those suffering with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease.  Celiac Awareness Month is quickly approaching next month so we thought we’d prep by sharing some allergen free goodies! BFree Foods has a dense line of non-GMO gluten free breads, bagels and wraps to ease the stress and limitations of gluten intolerance and Celiac disease.

BFree isn’t loafing around when catering to food sensitivities.  Their products are:

  • Egg Free
  • Soy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Vegan.

And they’re on a roll with their nutrition profiles.

  • BFree has much more fiber than your typical gluten free bread with a shorter list of ingredients.
  • Uniquely, they have a pea protein blend in the mix so you can get your muscle fix.
  • Additionally, their products are low in fat and calories!

Donut you wanna know what they taste like?

Breakfast: BAGEL

Multiseed Bagel and White Bagel

Does the BFree Bagel rise to occasion?  The quinoa and poppy seed crunch on the multi-seed bagel adds a depth of texture and flavor.  We dough know about you, but gluten free bagels were a new odyssey for us.  Although structurally bagel-esque, they lack the chewy texture we clamor for in bagels.  The multi-seed bagel was a bit crumbly and needed to be toasted to hold up to sticky peanut butter.  Our tip: add vegan butter after toasting the bagels to moisten um’ up.

On-the-Go Breakfast: BFree Multiseed Bagel with Almond Butter.


Eggs, vegan Daiya pepperjack cheese and BFree Foods white bagel.


Lunch Box: LOAVES & BUNS

Brown Seeded Loaf and Soft White Sandwich Loaf

Other gluten free loaves?  Baguette-about um!  These loaves are cut length wise, making them perfect for paninis and tasty for toast.  They are also hole free so your toppings won’t slip through the cracks.  The bread could have a bit more flavor but it’s mild nature makes it suitable for any topping.  The Soft white sandwich bread is perfect for tea parties or any gatherings when you have friends and family members with different allergies.

Tea Time with BFree Foods white loaf spread with Latana (formerly Eat Well Embrace Life) Edamame “Hummus,” cucumbers and dill.


BFree Brown Seeded Loaf with pesto, sauteed mushrooms, basil, spinach, sundried tomatoes and Lucrene mozzarella cheese.

White Plain Hot Dog Buns and Brown Seeded Hot Dog Buns

The buns are not your typical hot dog buns but are a great substitute, although easily breakable.  We created vegan banh mi sandwiches with the brown seeded buns for our friends and they loved it!

Vegan banh mi sandwich with Nasoya marinated teriyaki tofu, organic carrot slaw, white and red radishes, lemon vinegrette, jalapeno, cilantro and BFree Brown Seeded Bun.

Dinner: ROLLS

Brown Seeded Rolls and White Rolls

The white rolls mimic a dense ciabatta and make a solid breakfast or dinner sammie holder when toasted.  Get decadent and spread some garlic sea salt coconut ghee on the brown seeded roll before topping!

Vegan BBQ Sandwich with BFree White Rolls, Upton’s BBQ Jackfruit and Local Folks Foods mustard.

Other Products Wheat Loaved to Try (HA!)

We are curious about the sweet potato wraps and the quinoa chia seed and flaxseed wraps.  The only other brand of gluten free wrap we’ve tried was formed from rice flour and the wrap had too stiff of a texture.

Find BFree Foods:

Are you bready to crummmmble with BFree foods?  You can find them in Jewel-Osco in Chicagoland or search for a spot near you here to enjoy bready goodness without the gluten.

Wanna learn more about Celiac Disease and how you can help this May during Celiac Awareness Month? Check out

Infographic_Celiac Disease at a Glance







Culinary Fight Club for Chicago’s Foodies

So the food coma from Culinary Fight Club has worn off a bit and the March Culinary Fight Club events are approaching!  So the question is, does Culinary Fight Club throw down as promised?

Here’s a blow by blow of the Culinary Fight Club experience!

First, umm don’t come late if possible cuz you might miss some good stuff.  The room was humming with culinary energy when we entered and we were a bit confused on how to get started.  We whisked ourselves over to the bar to grab our included drinks and then grabbed a viewing spot to see the PANTRY RACE!

What is the PANTRY RACE?  Welp, four chefs sweat it out running to a table full of ingredients.  With arms packed full of meats, seasonings, veggies or condiments, the chefs hustle back to their station and that’s when things really get cookin’.


The February Culinary Chef Competitors:

Countdown Began!

4 Skilled Chefs then have 60 minutes tick tocking on the clock to create the best dish with one central theme. February’s theme was Savory Chocolate.

Once the gauntlet is thrown, you can walk around to each chef, ask questions and observe their processes.  Anxiety, excitement and savory smells fill the air as you watch steaks sizzling, fritters frying, and chicken cutlets cooking on the grill.

The Finale! Judges’ and Tasters’ Choice!

Judges are presented with the final dishes after 1 hour.  Then you can walk around and decide for yourself who is the champion of this battle royale.  Our number one was The Marshmallow Fairy’s unique creation of beignets stuffed with bacon and rolled in chocolate.

Our Final Thoughts

So, this all sounds awesome right?  Who wouldn’t like Culinary Fight Club?  Well, although there were veggie appetizers, people with dietary restrictions or who are vegan/vegetarian may want an animal free night out.  Culinary Fight Club was very meat heavy.

Wanna catch the next round?

Check out March’s Pork event or upcoming months, Taco!, Blended Burgers, Pitmaster Battle, Steak, Seafood or Sip and Bite in over ten cities.  You won’t only be helping your taste buds, you’ll be helping local charities, like Chicago’s Fight2Feed, with your ticket.

Buy your tickets here!   And don’t forget to follow Culinary Fight Club on Facebook for future fights!





Valentine’s Day for Foodies in Chicago!

Is your sweetie a sexy chef, fanatic foodie or Diners, Dive Ins and Dives darling?  Chop the boring old predictable Valentine’s Day and take your boo to find the best thing they’ve ever eaten with Culinary Fight Club’s “The Savory Chocolate” event.

Image result for culinary fight club chicago

What: At Culinary Fight Club, you and your sweetheart will be treated to 4 chefs (amateur AND professional) competing for the hearts and mouths of the audience in this Iron Chef style competition.  The main ingredient this month is our  preferred aphrodisiac, CHOCOLATE!!  Chocolate is the food of love and we could all use a lil’ more love now!

How it Works: (Description from Culinary Fight Club) Contestants or Teams have (60) minutes to impress (3) judges, using (1) 10k BTU Burner and (15) supplied raw ingredients & (3) surprise ingredients, all to be judged on that one perfect bite!  Hungry?  Don’t worry there is also a Taster’s Choice Award too!  So attendees are encouraged to grab a tasting spoon, dig in and vote for their favorite bite!

Charity Partner: Fill your heart with the knowledge that you’re helping more than just yourself! 20% of all Culinary Fight Club Chicago events go to feeding hungry people in Chicago through Fight2Feed, a charitable Organization on a mission to “KO” hunger One Block at a Time.

When: Monday, February 13th 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Where: Lucky Strike, 322 E. Illinois, Chicago, IL 60611

Includes: 2 hours of beer or wine and snacks from Lucky Strike including savory chocolate bites for you and you doll-faced dear.

Think of all the kisses your culinary cutie will bestow upon you when you get your tickets here!

Don’t live in Chicago?  Don’t feel salty! You can find Culinary Fight Club in Kansas City, Atlanta and Montgomery in February and 6 cities in March.


New Thrive Bars: A GoMacro Healthy Snacks Giveaway!

The holiday season is hard to survive, let alone thrive, with your long list of to dos.  Between shopping and family parties, it can be hard to eat healthy and take time for yourself.  A grab ‘n’ go snack could be just the thing to make your holidays sing…or at least make them a little more pleasant!


GoMacro brand, Thrive Bars, are ancient superfood bars with unique twists of flavor and chewy granola bar texture we know and love (without the hydrogenated oils and processed goop).  GoMacro company started on a farm in quintessential midwestern Wisconsin.  This independently run business started and is still run by a mother-daughter team set out to promote health, nourishment and healing foods.

GoMacro’s Thrive Bars continue the vision with organic ingredients like puffed quinoa and hemp hearts to keep you running.  Plant-based protein, essential fatty acids and prebiotic fiber keep your tummy happy while you focus on your loved ones instead of a grumbling belly.  Wipe that grinchy frown off your face with tasty treats like:

  • Ginger Lemon – Bright citrus and tangy ginger make this bar one of our top purse packed choices.
  • Blueberry Lavender – Fancy some tea?  Pair it with these floral bars with a touch of berry for ultra-yums.



  • Almond Apricot – Sunny stone fruit flavor with bits of roasted almond picks up a dreary afternoon.
  • Caramel Coconut – Sweet tooth be gone with this island coconut flavor drizzled in caramel.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip – The traditional granola bar flavor but packed with 8 grams of protein in a snack sized bite.


  • Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt – Simplicity = satisfaction with the savory and sweet combo of sea salt and cocoa.

Yes, they are delicioso but they are allergy and environmentally friendly too!  Thrive Bars are USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, Gluten-Free certified, 100% Vegan, and soy-free (whew, how’d they do all that in one bar?)


Shopping sadness can now be remedied by snack gladness.  One lucky reader will WIN a box of mixed Thrive Bars.  All you gotta do is show some holiday spirit for GoMarco Thrive Bars on social media by entering our giveaway here: a Rafflecopter Giveaway!

What if you don’t win?  You can still believe in miracles!  Thrive is offered now at Whole Foods Market or Use the codeThrive30 to get 30% off an online purchase!

Wanna learn more about other GoMacro products?  Check out our previous review here.

*We were offered 1 box of GoMacro Thrive Bars in exchange for an honest review…and we can’t wait to eat more!*

Cook like a Pro with these Secret Holiday Tips


Maybe you think you need an arsenal of spices, organic produce, and expensive ingredients to wow your friends and family this holiday season.  Not so, we say.  We’ll dish out the grainy details that others won’t tell you.  Top chefs know that a dash of the right kind of salt can turn your ho hum holiday grub into a restaurant quality meal.  The secret is in the flake!


We were treated to a fabulous dinner at Morton Salt’s Next Door Chef: Chicago where we got to smell, touch, taste and see the difference that Morton Salt can make.  At this exclusive event, amateur kitchen dweller, Cara, was paired with an experienced chef, Jason Vincent of Chicago’s hot restaurant Giant, to show us how salt can change the blah to viola in your own kitchen.  Cara’s Wicker Park condo was transformed into an intimate pop up restaurant, simply named Cara’s.  There, we learned to ditch the table salt and shake up our salt types to alter a typical dish into a prized plate.


Next Door Chef Cara, in her home. Copyright Photo Provided by Morton Salt.

Here are three Morton salts to master your meal:

  • Morton Kosher Salt – Chefs swear by kosher salt for it’s ability to dissolve quickly and its adaptability to any recipe.  Kosher salt is also easier to control than table salt, thus avoiding overly salty sadness.  The name comes from the fact that its crystals are good at drawing out moisture from meat, making it ideal for the koshering process.
  • Morton Coarse Sea Salt – Larger salt crystals make this salt the bomb for finishing dishes by added flavor and texture.  Get your chef on with this extra flare in your meals.
  • Morton Fine Sea Salt – The fine salt crystals melt away, making this salt the go-to for stocks, broths and sauces.


Now let’s see how these salts stand up in the dinner service!  Recipes are linked throughout to get your holiday guide going.

For Craft Cocktail Aficionados:

Get this!  You can feel like a mixologist by crafting a simple cocktail and making it pop with saline solution.  A sweet and salty sip will bring tears of joy to your guests.


Try the Salty Rita with gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, Combier and 2 drops of saline solution (boiled water with dissolved Morton Fine Sea Salt).  Garnish the rim with Morton Kosher Salt for a pre-sip crunch for your punch.

For a Tempting Turkey:

Tired of dried up turkey?  Tease out tenderness with a tantalizing turkey brined in Morton Kosher Salt.  Soaking your turkey in a dissolved Morton Kosher Salt and water solution (brining) will lock in moisture, kicking dehydrated meat to the curb.


After brining, continue the turkey party with a Morton’s Kosher Salt rub enhanced with fragrant cardamom, cumin and dill to slap on before roasting.

No need to waste the turkey bones after the feast!  Make your own turkey stock with the remaining bones, carrots, onions, cloves and Morton Fine Sea Salt.


For Veg Heads (who love all the sides!):

Here’s our top secret from Chef Jason Vincent.  Shh…you can impress your guests with this one.  Remember those nightmares of mushy boiled veggies from your childhood?  No more!!

Chef Jason Vincent of Giant restaurant. Copyright Photo Provided by Morton Salt.

Soak vegetables high in H2O content in a salt water mix for couple hours before cooking to stave off limp and lame veggies.  Salting can also reduce bitterness in veggies like eggplant.  Monica voraciously ate a hearty veggie plate with crisp zucchini and a pop of Morton Coarse Sea Salt, invented especially for her by Chef Vincent.
One of the most delectable parts of the dinner was the roasted then mashed sweet potatoes with Morton Kosher Salt.  The mix of salty and sweet truly pleased the palate.
Chef Jason and Cara also served up a veggie dream of crispy brussel sprouts with Bosc pears, golden raisins, toasted walnuts, toasted almonds and pecorino cheese!  Sprinkle a touch of Morton Coarse Sea Salt to create a meatier texture, drool worthy to veg and non veg peeps alike.

Just Desserts:


Can you believe salt can create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie?  We finished our fantastic dinner at Cara’s by munching on chewy cookies with Morton Coarse Sea Salt that added a final satisfying crunch to close the meal in style.  No need for fancy pie when you can savor the warmth of a fresh baked classic.

It’s Your Turn to be a Next Door Chef!

We hope we gave your some confidence in your kitchen!  Now you don’t have to feel salty this holiday season because you’ll be a seasoned pro with Morton Salt.


Next Door Chef, Cara, and her kitchen team! Copyright Photo Provided by Morton Salt.

Go to to download your own hosting kit complete with recipes and directions to dominate dinner time.

If you host your own fancy version of “Next Door Chef” for Friendsgiving or wanna develop a recipe using Morton Kosher or Sea Salt, share the love (we need a lot of love right now) and post your photos using #NextDoorChef.

Oh and invite us too because we wanna continue our path to future chef-dom like Cara!  And last bite of news is do not forget to learn more about our dining experience on The Food Network commercial airing soon!


*This is a sponsored post for Morton Salt.  We were financially compensated for eating yummy food and reviewing Morton Salt products.*

LG Fights Childhood Hunger at Chicago Taste of the Nation

LG served up fun, fabulous food and fancy yet functional appliances at the recent Taste of the Nation event at Revel.  Why?  LG is a sponsor of Taste of the Nation to join the fight against childhood hunger!
Taste of the Nation gathers the best chefs in foodie cities and provides party goers with vicacious vittles, delish desserts and curiously crafted cocktails, like a Boo Punch we sampled from Knife and Tine (just in time for Halloween!).  Although their could have been more veggie options, the bevvy of tastes, sights and smells made this a delectable affair one not to miss.  We loved  sampling savory bites, taking pictures in the LG Selfless Selfie Photo Booth, and donating extra cash for the silent raffle.
LG’s sponsor area featured their gorgeous goods like their new Black Stainless Steel appliances.  We got a hands on (and smudge free) tour!  We loved the fridge with a “door within a door” function for all our kefir and kombucha bottles that take up too much side door space.  If you want a drink, you can open the clear mini door and keep the fridge closed!  Oh and it’s water dispenser is big enough to fill our yoga water bottles.
LG’s series also features an easy clean oven and clothes steamer that can make dry cleaning go extinct like dinos.  Find them all at Sears!  These beauties weren’t the only stars of the LG show.
Chef Jason Vincent, former acclaimed Nightwood chef, displayed his plucky personality and cooking prowess.  Owner of his first in demand restaurant, Giant, AND father of one, Vincent  whipped up a family friendly meal to demo how to make eating healthy, tasty and cheap.
He even made Monica some veggie quesadillas so she could savor the whole experience.
Try it yourself with his recipes below!

Black Bean, Corn, and Avocado Salad

Serves four people for $8 a serving

  • 1 can of black beans (or dried=cheaper)
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 ears of corn
  • 4 small, ripe tomatoes (cherry tomatoes)
  • 1 lime

Chicken & Zucchini Quesadillas

  •  1 pack white corn tortillas
  • 2 chicken thighs
  • 1 large zucchini
  • 2 oz queso fresco
  • 2 oz queso chihuahua
  • 1 large, juicy tomato
  • garlic salt
  • onion powder
  • whole milk sour cream

Can’t wait for the next Taste of a Nation?  You can help No Kid Hungry in November by hosting your own friendsgiving and donating!  10 bucks gets 100 meals for kids :).

We have to thank LG from the bottom of our hearts and stomachs for hosting us AND sponsoring such an awesome event and cause!  Check out their new appliances to simplify and classy up your life.



Wednesday Wellness: BluePrint Booch

Anyone who knows us knows we are KRAZY for Kombucha.  We jump to pick up a bottle of that fizzy stuff.

So of course we said “Booch Yeah” to trying BluePrint‘s new kombucha fermented teas blended with their cold fresh pressed juices.


For those not in the bubbly know, kombucha is drink made with fermented tea and sugar that houses a colony of “good for ya” bacteria (more tummy tamers).  Some of it’s possible benefits include:

  • Detoxing
  • Weight loss
  • Immunity
  • Improved Digestion

Kate and Monica recommend kombucha for people with colds, hangovers or long weekends of too many french fries.

We’ve cleansed with BluePrint® cold pressed juices as well as different kombucha brands so how does BluePrint®’s kombucha fizz up to the rest?

BluePrint® Kombucha drink line consists of six varieties:

  • Kale-a-lu-ya
  • Jack Rabbit
  • Heart of Gold
  • Miss Tang
  • Raise the Roots
  • Sweet Heat

Serving Size: 14 Ounces

Flavor: We sampled two flavors:

  • Sweet Heat is an effervescent blend of apple, ginger, lemon and a pinch of cayenne.  The spice kicks your metabolism into gear while the ginger and lemon makes you feel refreshed.
  • Raise the Roots bubbles your energy up with beets, carrot and our beloved ginger.


Calories: Between 70-90 calories per bottle

Sugar: 19-20 grams (homemade kombucha has about 10 grams of sugar for this serving size)

Fizzy rating: 10! We think it’s the fizzish.

Ready to sip and sparkle on ya own?  BluePrint® certified USDA organic Kombucha Drinks bubble at Whole Foods Market and local retailers in the New York Tri-State area, as well as in Midwest-area stores.


Win a Lifeway Kefir Prize Pack and Tame Tummy Troubles!

If there’s one thing politicians on both sides of the aisle should be able to agree with, it’s the stance of being pro-biotics.  HA!  Haven’t heard of probiotics as a hot button issue?  Well, perhaps that’s because they are a … Continue reading