Win a Lifeway Kefir Prize Pack and Tame Tummy Troubles!

If there’s one thing politicians on both sides of the aisle should be able to agree with, it’s the stance of being pro-biotics.  HA!  Haven’t heard of probiotics as a hot button issue?  Well, perhaps that’s because they are a calm tummy issue.

What’s a probiotic?

Think of probiotics like the superheroes of your body (not the Suicide Squad though…more like Wonder Woman). Probiotics are actually live bacteria and yeasts that keep you healthy.  Most people think of them partying in your digestive system out but they are actually all over your body.

These helper bacteria can boost your immune system.  They can prevent colds, keep your digestive system moving along put a halt to allergies AND can kill antibiotic resistant bacteria (fighting bugs!)

If your body doesn’t have the probiotics it needs (perhaps you’re sick and taking antibiotics), probiotic foods can be useful to re-up your awesome bacteria storage.


What’s Kefir?

Kefir is nothing new!  This “drinking yogurt” is a fermented milk product that’s protein packed with vitamin B12, calcium, and of course, probiotics.  Founder and Russian immigrant, Michael Smolyansky, continued his previous routine of Kefir culturing in his home in Skokie, IL (represent Illinois!).  He wanted to share its health benefits so two years later, Lifeway was formed.  We were offered samples of Lifeway Kefir to review just for you (and your tummy).

One cup of Lifeway Kefir is brimming  12 live and active cultures and 15 to 20 billion beneficial CFU (Colony Forming Units).  Oh and for those of you who struggle with milk backlash (a.k.a. lactose intolerant), Lifeway Kefir is 99% lactose free.

Lifeway Kefir Products:

Dipping your toes (or tongue) into Kefir tasting?  There’s so many choices.  Are you tarty or a sweetie pie.  Let’s find out!

  • First, what’s your milk preference?  Try Organic, Low Fat, Nonfat or Traditional Lifeway Kefir!  We are a fan of the raspberry, blueberry or use plain for savory recipes.


  • Looking for less sugar?  Sample BioKefir with only 9 grams of sugar or Perfect 12 Kefir with stevia.  The taste of stevia is distinct to us but if stevia satisfies you, you may like the unique flavors, like Key Lime.


  • Muscle heads will love the Protein Kefir with 20 grams of protein per serving.  Exercise your right for those building blocks of life in your morning drink or after a workout.


  • Got little ones at home?  Slip um a probiotic mickey (hehe) with Lifeway Probug Smoothie packs.
  • Lifeway also makes fro-yo, cheese and snack bites, oh my bugs!  So excited to try those.
  • Hip hip hooray, Lifeway!  Lifeway uses only natural, antibiotic, hormone and GMO-free ingredients.  All their packaging is recyclable AND they believe in giving back to the global community.


Get Creative and Cultured with your Kefir!

Lifeway Kefir is super easy to drink daily but maybe you get bored easily.  Mix it up with these ChiOrganicGirls options.

  • Sub out your morning milk and pour it over granola for creamy cereal
  • Banish bland by mixing up Kefir in a green smoothie with frozen blueberry and spinach
  • Try our revised recipe Carrot Ginger Soup* from Wholesomelicious using Lifeway Organic Kefir Coconut & Cream and include the Pressery Veggie Broth Garden Medley.  Result is instadelicious! *(Full recipe in next blog post)*



ChiOrganicGirls Carrot Ginger Soup with Lifeway Organic Kefir Coconut Cream.


We love Lifeway Kefir because it’s a simple way to add probiotics to our diet.  Can’t choose from all your Kefir concoctions?  Get back to school with a lunch bag full o’ goodies and win your own Lifeway Kefir Prize Pack from 9/01/2016 – 9/15/2016!

3 Grand Prize Winners will snag a Swag Bag including:

  • Cute Lifeway Totebag (striped one)
  • Lifeway Journal
  • $10 Lifeway Kefir Shop Giftcard
  • ProBugs Bites
  •  VIP Coupon
  • 2 $1 off coupons


5 VIP Winners will receive:

    • Coupon for free Lifeway Product
    • Will also throw in 2 $1 off coupons

Enter Here! A Rafflecopter giveaway!

Where to Buy (if you don’t win):

Didn’t win?  Don’t be sour.  In Chicago, you can pour health into your life with Lifeway Kefir at fine grocers like Marianos or Whole Foods.  Check here for more Kefir spots and tame those tummy troubles today!






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