Kraaazy for Kombucha!

We are pretty sure you haven’t been able to avoid the Kombucha Kraze, especially if you meander around Whole (Paycheck) Foods pretending like you got it like that as we often do.  If you haven’t dared to try this fizzy, slightly tart drink, you may want to, just for funsies.



ALIASES: Booch, Eww what is this?

PROFILE: Chinese fermented tea which includes yeast and friendly bacteria.  Flavor is slightly sour and make your mouth pucker, 80’s commercial style.

CLAIMED BENEFITS: Supposedly detoxifies the body and clears the mind. We tend to give it to people when they are sick as it has probiotic tendencies. People also use it as a weight loss aid with claims that makes you feel full.

SIDE EFFECTS: Concerns have been brought up, especially regarding home brewed Kombucha, and it’s effects on people.

1. Best brand for purists: G.T. Dave’s, the original monster.  Favorite flavors include Gingerade (reminds Kate of Ginger beer) and Mango.

2. Best brand for newbies: Kombucha Wonder Drink Essence of Peach…a little less fizz, a little less sting

3. New local favorite: Karma Kombucha, based in Wisconsin. Unique tastes include Masala Chai and Pineapple Passion.


Do you have a fav Booch Brand we are missing?

Let us know!!


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