Thrift Tip: Air B and B

While Mon was holding down the Chi, my sister and I decided to take a side trip to Minneapolis on our return from Canada. This is where the addiction kicks in.

Hello My name is Kate. (Say “Hi Kate” everyone). It’s been 10 minutes since I last checked Air and Air B.

My sister introduced me to this website/app where you can find private rooms, whole levels of houses or full apartments to rent from private owners.

At first.. I was hesitant to try but now I’m all Dr. Seuss like “oooooh the places you’ll go”.

We stayed at a beautiful 1800s styled mansion in St. Paul with an unbeatable view of the city. The owner, Scott, was hospitable and unobtrusive. He set out breakfast for us each morning: blueberries, craft jams, whole grain English muffins and cereals and fancy coffee.


Air B and B mansion living room

The one thing we couldn’t get over was the bed. Ahhh I dream of the sheets. It’s a wonder what quality soft sheets can do. We stayed in bed until 11 am the first morning reveling in the sleek feel.


Hey you saucy thang. Come lay down here

Although I can’t guarantee every Air B and B has this sort of luxury, if you stay in St. Paul, you will feel like a Downton Abbey uppercruster.

Check out Air B and B here. Since Mon missed out, I’ve begun to draw her into my web of travel. Lofts in Paris, tree houses in Hotlanta, swank pads in LA, here we come!


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