Why Do You Serve? A Bright Pink Outlook on this MLK National Day of Service.

If you’re in Memphis, make sure to see the Lorraine Motel, the assassination site of the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  While standing in silence with other visitors, it’s hard not to wonder what he else he could have accomplished if his life hadn’t been taken so early.  His inspiration continues as people dedicate their time on his birthday to help improve their communities.  Volunteerism not only helps those who are receiving but also those who give their time to others.   Each person can find some cause they feel passionate about and the decision to serve could positively affect their physical and emotional health.  What’s not to like?!


Today, we would like to give snaps and back pats and kudos to one of our fave volunteer organizations, Bright Pink.  Bright Pink is a unique non-profit in that it focuses on breast cancer awareness and risk reduction in addition to supporting high risk individuals.  They utilize tech and social media for doing good.  Instead of using texts to send pictures of cats wearing people clothes, they send you reminders and tips to check your breast health.  Ladies, take action by assessing your risk here.


Bright Pink practices what they preach with volunteers as well.  Their volunteer events promote healthy choices such as exercising, eating cancer fighting foods, and workshops that encourage regular breast monitoring.  For example, this past Thursday, we joined other dedicated Bright Pink supporters at a crazy dance-athon at All About Dance.  It was much appreciated that the lights were low as our dance instructor had us rolling our hips and doing some killer floor work that made us wish we had a referee time out whistle to recover from the cardio.   Luckily, Bright Pink head of volunteer events, Brynn, provided us with Vitamin Water and Pretzel Crisps to motivate us to class completion.


So how have you served others this year?  It’s not too early or too late to help!  Learn more about volunteering with Bright Pink here.



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