WorkIt with the 4th Annual Exhale FusionFest

We loooove FusionFest (heart emojis all around). This is the 4th annual FusionFest at exhale spa and we love it so much we’ve been to all 4. You can check out our previous posts here and here.

4 Reasons Why We Love FusionFest

You Really Work It (For FREE!)

Exhale’s Core Fusion class ain’t no joke. You will sweat, laugh and be encouraged to try your darndest. There is no way to hide in the corner of the room and avoid being challenged. Instructors like John Nelson, Holly Kesker-Koester and Claire Schaal won’t let you. We adore the fact that exhale staff see everyone in the room, regardless of your “perfection” and they want you to do your best! The class itself is fast paced and has a lil’ sumthin for everyone: Barre work, strength training, plyo as mixed together in crazy fitness shake that makes time fly by and fat melt away.

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

You’re gonna need fuel after that work out! Exhale gives you healthy noshes like mini falafel salads from Just Salad, Skinny Pop Pocorn, tiny empanadas and guacamole, wine (which apparently = one workout at the gym says research) or even Social Enjoyments. They often have gourmet teas to relax or even cucumber mint infused water to re-hydrate.

Win Stuff

Free class to come back to exhale, discounts on spa services…we could all use a free mani pedi and another chance to tone up!

Goodie Bags

Exhale partners with Women’s Health Magazine so we’ve scored some pretty sweet goodies in the past. For example, the most recent issue of Women’s Health, cute hairbands, chocolate!!, beauty products and more.

Event Details

When: Thursday, May 19, Times Vary by Location

Where: In Chicagoland, exhale Gold Coast or Evanston

Nationwide, however, there are 13 Exhale Spas to choose from so you can join us virtually! We would prefer to be at the Turks & Caicos location if anyone feels like flying us over (wink).

Book Now: To book your free Core Fusion class at FusionFest visit Looking for more ways to exhale? Follow them at and @exhalespa on Twitter and Instagram. *Image courtesy of exhale spa.




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