Run the Night to Save Some Light! Join the 5k Energizer Night Race

Just as we started to begin to bear running outside again (shaking our fists at the lingering Polar Vortex), we were presented with a chance to not only stretch our fledgling run skills but also to help improve the quality of lives for others.  Sure, fun runs abound in the Chi.  There’s beer runs, chocolate runs (yum), Santa runs, Neon Color Glowy Runs and so on.

But your 5K can be silly and charitable!  Imagine, for example, running down Lake Shore Drive in the dark with a set of bunny ears on.  No, this is not your typical wild Saturday night.  This is the Energizer 5k Night Race for a Brighter World and we are your run ambassadors!

SO why do we need to make a brighter world?

The mission of the Energizer Night Race is to spread awareness of the dangers of unclean lighting.  When you participate in the Energizer Night Race in Chicago, you can help the 1.3 billion people that lack electricity.  Your time running will aid in Energizer’s efforts to donate over 14 million hours of light to families around the world through their partner, One Million Lights – a non-profit that provides clean, safe, affordable solar lighting to rural communities globally.  When we were reading through the info, we were surprised to learn about the usage and dangers of kerosene lighting which is still prevalent in many countries.  To be honest, we sometimes don’t consider all the comforts of home we have!  Are you inspired to lace up those shoes yet?  Here’s the details of the race!

 Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World

Saturday June 7, 2014

Lakeshore East Park

6PM Race Day Packet Pick-up/On-site Registration

7 PM Pre-Race Festivities

8 PM 5K Race Step Off

8:45-10:00 PM Post-Race Celebration

(Keep the bunny ears on for that extra party ‘je ne sais quoi’)


Your $35 entry fee includes your Energizer LED headlamp, bunny ears, event shirt as well as pre and post race entertainment.


And now we want to spread the positivitenergy™ to you!  We have race GIVEAWAYS so spread the word to keep the lights on!

To win, please tell us how you light up others’ lives and an email where we can reach you.  Deadline May 24th, 2014.


Prizes (click on each to see the prize):

2 Free Race Entries

5 Energizer® 3 LED Headlights

Energizer® Solar™ LED Flashlights 

Sign up, spread the word, put on those ears and run faster than a…well, faster than an Enegizer bunny, that’s apropos right?



12 thoughts on “Run the Night to Save Some Light! Join the 5k Energizer Night Race

  1. I light up others’ lives by being able to make them smile or laugh with my silliness, also by just being a person who takes time to be with them! I always felt that it can be so minor yet does wonder to help light up a person’s life, such as a long-awaited chat about the going-ons in their life when it’s been awhile since either of us have seen each other!

  2. I light up others lives by trying to keep positivity in those around me. Sometimes it is too hard to let things get you down and I try to focus on the good and bringing a smile to the faces that I interact with. Often times a listening ear, a kind note, or just a smile can be what others need. 🙂

  3. I light up other lives by maintaining a smile in the darkest of times, hoping that a small ray of sunshine is all that is needed to overcome whatever hurdles may come.

  4. I light up others’ lives by being an active volunteer in Chicago, whether it be with my running group or individually by providing food, clothing, blankets, medical attention, etc. to those less fortunate than myself. It doesn’t matter if it’s -30f or 100f we will be out there rain, snow, or shine!

  5. I light up people’s live by smiling even when it’s hard. By thanking those around me for being so they are and finally by being kind to others even if they’ve wronged me or don’t even know. The littlest act of kindness or smile will make a change in someone’s live so I try my best to be a good person to others. Giving back to my community is another way I light up other’s lives. 😀

  6. I brighten people’s lives with a simple smile, pay a compliment, greet everyone I meet, always looking for opportunities of acts of kindness: give someone help jump starting their car, helping someone pay for their train ticket when they are short, or helping someone who doesn’t speak the language get to their destination. Volunteering in causes that help the needy such as tax preparation for low income families. Always be kind to those last fortunate around me. Spread optimism by being positive myself. Be random because as we say in Mexico ‘do good without looking at who.’

  7. Hi everyone! We selected the winners based on random numbers for each one of you. And each one of you that commented won!
    Congrats Staci L! Two tickets to Energizer Night Race!
    Congrats to following winners…
    -Kristi L and Magali V! 2 LED headlights
    -Karla V and Melissa S! 2 LED flashlights
    -dpham! 1 LED headlight and 1 LED flashlight

    Please email at with your address.

    Hope you will still join us at Lakeshore Drive next Saturday!!! Its not too late to buy your ticket!!

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