Your best (or first) 10K yet with Run10Feed10!

Plans for Saturday looking a little scary?  Treat yourself and others instead by getting fit while giving to charity. We have the pleasure of being run ambassadors for the Run10Feed10 10k this Saturday at Diversey Habor and YOU, Chicago friends, can join us.  Leading Fitness mag, Women’s Health, and nonprofit hunger org, FEED Foundation, come together on this fabulous charity centered event. Run10Feed10, now in it’s 4th year, has already donated almost 4 million meals to Americans in need but there’s still more work to do.  At this moment, 49 million Americans are going hungry but aiding others is as a simple as running like the wind.,.or floating like a ghost (to add in some Halloweeny-ness).


Follow these easy steps:

  1. Register here!
  2. BAM: You just provided 10 meals to those in need.
  3. Share your participation with the hastag #run10feed10 with friends and fam.
  4. Head over to to donate or fundraise a lil’ extra.  All funds benefit the FEED Foundation.

Bonus: There’s tons of fun stuff post race, including a post race full body strength and conditioning workout (not sure how we’ll manage that!) with Shred 415, the Colgate Smile Photobooth, post race stretching, and free sponsor samples.

Interested in a first hand (or foot) account of what to expect? Check out Kate’s pre and post race blogs from last year.

IMG_20141019_092633 (1)


Don’t live in Chicago?

San Francisco and Austin friends can also participate at Run 10 Feed 10 events coming up quickly in their nice toasty warm cities OR you can organize your own run in a similar antarctic climate like Chicago.

RUN10 Image 2

Don’t run?

Hey man, we get ya.  Neither one of us started out as the gazelles (or running elephants) we are now.  You can also shop and get some cute FEED gear while simultaneously donating to the cause.

Get off that couch and 10K it up with us this Saturday to bring home the help for those who hunger!


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