Your Best Halloween Week Ever!

It’s scary how fast October is leaving us.  Don’t get left behind from all the fall festivities and grab the ghost by the sheet to get all the Halloween treats and tricks in.


Saturday October 24th

2-5 pm/6-8 pm

The Halloween Gathering brings together Chicago’s vast and diverse creative communities for an all-day festival culminating with a magical nighttime parade.  Thrill the crowds by joining in on a Thriller Dance Mob at the end!

4 pm

Keep fit to run away from those zombies with Fleet Feet’s Pumpkins in the Park 5k.  Get a cute vampire or pumpkin t-shirt to get the blood pumpin’.  Drink a cool glass of Goose Island after and delight in a spooky costume contest or be a glutton in the pie eating contest.  This event is family friendly too!


Sunday October 25th

12-4 pm

Sharpen your carving skills and appetite with a Pumpkin Carving Brunch at creepy Body Parts and Labor in Logan Square.  Display your artistic prowess by carving a burger in your pumpkin and get a free burger in hand.  RSVP for a free pumpkin.

8 pm

It’s spooky PBR movie night!  Finish out the evening with the Halloween classic “Beetlejuice” on Boiler Room’s heated outdoor patio.  Marvel at their menacing decor curated by VAM Magazine.  Don’t say his name 3x if you want to keep the fun going with bobbing for apples and a free drank with RSVP.


Monday October 26th

You’re not fast enough to outrun the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man yet…maybe a handful of Halloween candy will help with energy?  Get this and more with another fun run with us for National Chocolate Day!

6:30 pm at South Loop & Lincoln Square.  RSVP Celebrate National Chocolate Day at Fleet Feet Sports!  RAM Racing, producers of the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K, will be at Lincoln Square and South Loop Fun Runs on October 26th.  There’ll be candy, chocolate and a costume contest, so dress to impress.  RAM Racing will have something special for the store with the biggest fun run turnout, so bring your running crew!

Tuesday October 27th

What do you get when you mix Boo from Mario Brothers with real life horrrrrror!?  Why, Haunted Emporium, of course, a haunted house in an beercade.  Hold back screams as you maze your way through a startling cemetery, a cannibal den or through evil scientist experiments.

RSVP at Do312 for reduced admission, and a Goose Island Beer.

Wednesday October 28th

Learn to crawl like a scary spider on the rock climbing problems at Brooklyn Boulder’s first ever BKBoo!  Try your hands (and feet) at climbing in the pitch black night.  Sample potions and slither to DJ beats or sneak through a prize filled pumpkin patch after you make it to the top of the webs.


Thursday October 29th

Go throw back party style with the classic interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Music Box Theater!  Dress up in costume, get sexy/ scary, do the time warp and sing along!

Weekend Weekend Weekend…WOW!

There’s too many spooktacular events to list.  Check out recommendations from Billy Dec or Time Out Chicago to pick your next victim for the weekend and have a sinister weeeeeeek…ooooooooo.


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