5 Miles and a Muddy Smile: Mudderella 2016


Do you know the secret to mud run success? Is it the right mud “slipper” tied so tight it won’t get sucked off your feet?  No, dare we say it, it’s teamwork!!

If you are looking to take on a challenge, you don’t need a prince for support.  Grab your gal pals and look no further than the Mudderella mud run 2016. Head to 1 of 6 slippery spots (Chicago, NJ, Toronto, Melbourne, New England or Whistler) for a 5 mile obstacle course for women, by women.  Never ones to shy away from the tough stuff, we will be falling for (and all over) the Chicago’s Mudderella!

Here’s all the Dirty Deets

Where: Lake County Fairgrounds, 1060 E. Peterson, Grayslake, IL 60030

Kate ran here for her first mud run last year and she says betta bring your change of clothes cuz’ its gonna get grimy!

When: June 4th, 2016

What: “Own Your Strong” as you cover 12-15 obstacles over 5+ miles. The obstacles really are team centered so don’t be afraid to boost your team mates literally and figuratively over the humps, walls, and wires that surround the trail. This course is untimed so the pressure is off. Grab your squad (maybe some mice and birds and…oh wait that’s CIN-Derella), come up with a crazy theme for your team, and master the mud.


Why: You will bond with women (something we all need to do more) and help women!  A portion of team fundraising will go to charity partner, Futures without Violence, a national nonprofit dedicated to ending domestic violence. At the end of the event, rejoice with your ladies with music, food, and beauty, to get back to gorgeous glowing self.  After the mud is rinsed away, you will still feel like the belle of the mud ball.


Ready to be Queen of the Hill?  For a limited time, gather your clique and buy 3 tickets to get one free using the code “GETMUDDY”.

Not sure how to prep for a mud run?  Zone in on our blog this month for training tips for mucky mastery!

*All photos courtesy of Mudderella


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