Nutrition Gets Fancy With Curate Snacks

Us gals are always on the look out for new healthy and interesting grab n’ go snacks.  Call it the too busy syndrome or too curious syndrome.  Balancing full time jobs with our passion for blogging sometimes leaves us with nada time to cook (like we should).  We feel pretty passionate about good for the body and good taste treats so we were excited to sample Curate Bars.


Why the fancy name, you ask?  Well, these aren’t your average snacky flavors.  Curate Bars mix it up with artful ingredients like balsamic vinegar, macarona almonds or mission figs.  See, we told ya, it’s more like a gallery snack than a gym treat.  Curate Bars are made by Abbott Healthcare which is the same company who makes Zone Perfect and EAS protein products.

Nutritious or Fictitious?

Contrary to these more man made-ish products, Curate has only ingredients you can pronounce with often less than 10 ingredients.

  • Fiber is between 3-5 grams, which is what is recommended by health professionals for a more nutrition savvy bar.
  • Sugar runs around 10 grams, a little high but not as much as many yogurts or other similar bars.
  • Calories run around 180-200 per back so yes this is a snack, not a meal, but don’t go overboard and eat three for snack time.
  • Protein pushes over the competition with 6 grams per bar (all bars have quinoa for protein power), higher than many less natural counterpoints.  
  • Bonus: Bars are GMO free, Gluten free and Vegan.  Most are nutty, however, so they are not allergen friendly.

What’s on the menu?

For the Chocoholic (Kate’s pick): Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut with vanilla, chia, chunks of the dark stuff and crunchy hazelnuts make this a decadent yet doable dessert.



For the Tarty Type (Monica’s pick): Berry Bliss with raspberries, blueberries, and flax seeds.  Pucker up for these super foods in a chewy burst.


For the Sunny Citrus Lover: Macarona Almond and Apricot with lemon, honey and a touch of balsamic vinegar.  It makes you feel like you’re on a Greek Island vacation.

For the Fancy Foodie: Balsamic Fig & Hazelnut with mission figs, sunflower kernels and orange…you should probably eat this with a fancy culinary set and a cloth napkin.

For the Savory Sort: Salted Dark Chocolate Almond with almond butter and California sea salt.  Pretend your in a Ferrari driving down the PCH with the wind in your hair.

For the Fruit and Nut Fiend: Strawberry & Pistachio with dark chocolate, almond butter and toasted oats.  This is like upscale PB and J.


Side note: These bars aren’t so fanciful that they are unapproachable.  We fed them to hungry coworkers and crazy high schoolers with the same results: delight.


Ready to try: You can find Curate Bars on Amazon, Target (that place where you come for one item and come out with 10) and other fab retailers.


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