Best of the Good Food Festival 2016

This past weekend we went to the Good Food Festival for the third year in a row.  Click here to read one of our first blog posts about our first Good Food Festival three years ago.  Yesss, we are celebrating the three year anniversary of our blog just like Chi Organic Girls should–with plenty of local Midwest fresh and sustainable food!


Several of our favorite brands were back again but with new surprises.  Spicy Stir Fry Tofu from Chicago native Phoenix Bean has always been a crowd pleaser and NOW they are toting a new Siracha Peanut Tofu.  This savory protein is a must for vegan and meat-lovers to show them tofu doesn’t have to be bland.  Their soybeans are also non-GMO and grown in Illinois.



Another all-time fave is CO-OP Sauce. They locally produce a huge range of hot sauces as well as BBQ sauce, Bloody Mary mix, pickles and more.  With names like Rhubarb Reaper and Peachy Piri Piri, you know these hot sauces are unique and flavorful.  Chicago’s own “The Sauce Boss”, Mike Bancroft, gave us a sneak peak of the latest product, Kimski, an all purpose sauce co-created with Chef Won, recent Food Network show Cutthroat Kitchen winner, and chef of the pop-up (and hopefully soon to be restaurant) Kimski.  We relished the vegan kimchi nachos from Mike’s own northside cafe, The Sauce and Bread Kitchen.


New to Good Food Festival was I Heart Kweenwah serving up healthy yet tasty quinoa snacks, clusters and puffs.  Flavors such as Sea Salt Truffle and Herbes De Provence Quinoa Puffs will intrigue the palate.  You can purchase these grainy goodies online or at Whole Foods.

Bee Free Honee is keeping an eye out for the well-being of bees. This Shark Tank winner is made from organic apples and is addicting with its sweet nectar.  We kept sampling their varieties on mild cheddar cheese cubes. We gotta say, this combo is the bees knees! Pick up the pair for your next party at Whole Foods.


Moove over for another sweet treat: artisanal frozen yogurt with 15 flavors by Trickling Springs Creamery.  Trickling Springs provides non-GMO dairy products from grass fed cows managed by a trusted group of East coast farms.  You can find Trickling Springs frozen yogurt at Froyo Chicago and Snow Dragon Shavery located in Chicago.


Ready to shop til you drop for organic local products? Head to Whole Foods Market or for those in suburbs check out Sugar Beet Food Co-Op in Oak Park.

good food festival

Thanks to FamilyFarmed* for hosting the event! Wanna know more? Click here for the list of Chicago’s Community Supported Agriculture and additional resources for finding local foods.


*FamilyFarmed Mission:FamilyFarmed is a non-profit organization committed to expanding the production, marketing and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food, in order to enhance the social, economic, and environmental health of our communities.





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