Win a Sweet Holiday Prize Pack from Madhava!

The holiday season brings about so many chances to celebrate…and with celebration comes lots of food, glorious food.  But there are benefactors who want to help you celebrate AND minimize the impact on your health.  Recently, we were contacted by Madhava … Continue reading

Detergent for the Green and Eco-Restless

We’re always looking to reduce the amount of chemical exposure we have on a daily basis.  With a multitude of ingredients on products and a limited time span, it’s often hard to figure out what you are putting in and on your body.  Reading the ingredients in our fave products often feels like you’re deciphering an ancient code with no decoder ring.  And laundry detergent is no exception.  Phenalyna-glycol a wha?  You want your clothes to be clean but do you need a ‘laundry’ list of items in your detergent?


So what’s a more clear option?  Spearheaded by a former fashion designer, Puretergent aims to fill the gap between eco-friendly and fashion forward.  Kate attended a brunch to check out the new line with fellow Chicago bloggers at delicious Beatrix.  The line not only includes a minimalist ingredient list but has easy instructions and identifying packaging for the laundry illiterate.

Check it!  You have a pile of sweaty yoga clothes.  Should you choose the:

  • Colors
  • Whites and Dirty Stuff
  • X-Tra Sensitive

See, not as hard as a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.  Whites and Dirty Stuff it is!


Now what about the other essential elements you look for in a detergent?

Scent: Botanical fresheners like Aloe Vera, Lavender and Eucalyptus are the scent base.  None of the products smell perfume-y or strong and we especially liked the relaxing lavender smell of the Colors detergent.

Texture: No gooey sticky gel here.  Puretergent is almost like water when you pour it in.

Clothes Feel: No clothing softener needed as Purtergent promotes natural softness.

And the best thing about Purtergent?  It excludes chlorine, phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, alcohol, dyes, optical brighteners, animal products and EPA priority pollutants so you can rest easy in your freshly laundered jammies.


Puretergent is available at Target and runs at a similar price as most major brands.  Anyone feel like doing our laundry ;)?


Relax with Reflexology

When you feel an ache or pain, what’s the first thing you do?  Pop a pill, see a doctor?  Modern medicine helps but is it the only option?


Alternative therapies, although rich in history, are not really the typical “American way”.  But what we don’t know could be hurting us.  Your low back pain, knee, thigh or hip issues, depression, digestion or reproductive health concerns could be relieved by reflexology.

Recently, we attended an Intro to Reflexology class hosted by Jane G. Doyle (President of YouHealYou and author of Expect Your Miracle) and taught by Sarah Preusker (board certified reflexologist).  Ms. Doyle actually started You Health You based on her own experiences with chronic pain and her journey to heal herself without the crutch of never ending pills.  When we settled into the class, we realized that we would literally be doing “hands on” foot work.


So what is reflexology? It is a thumb and finger finger pressure technique on the feet, hands and ears which purportedly has an affect on every part of the body, inside and out.

During the workshop,  people were partnered up so we braved each other’s lack of pedicures, brushed off the toe fuzz and got down to business.   We began with exploring of the bones  in the feet. It was intriguing to feel how each toe has different joints and each bone travels into the base if the foot.  After thoroughly wiggling our partner’s toes and meandering around the joints (we had a continual flow of quizzical looks on our faces while doing this), it was time for foot art!



Sarah led us through which parts of the foot connected to parts of the body.  As we followed along, we shaded washable marker diagrams on each other’s tootsies to signify different systems: digestion, reproduction, heart, and more.


We had to skedaddle a little early for work so we didn’t get to stay for more technique assistance and deeper instruction on which parts of the foot could be pressed to relieve issues.

So why attend?  The class was easy to follow, definitely enjoyable and Sarah was a nurturing practitioner.  She made rounds throughout the class and offered assistance to each group.  It was also relaxing (for those of you who don’t have foot aversions) to use/have pressure on the feet.  Sarah noted once you learned the proper pressure for reflexology, you could enlist your partner, foot friendly friend or family member to put the vice grip on you.

So the question is: does Reflexology work to reduce pain, anxiety or illness?  Kate had been having sinus problems and the matching foot area was tender and responsive.  Coincidence?  The ped-jury is still out.  Various studies show mixed results so proceed with caution and look for a reputable practitioner.

As we got lost in the toe-ment (hahahah pun!), we were beginning to think it was time to change careers to become reflexologists…but then we realized we were more just touchy squeezy foot amateurs.

So what about you?  Would you like to have an alternate means to improve your health?  Check out the next You Heal You Reflexology event at Tribe Healing Arts on Sunday, June 22nd!



Thanks to Christina Giordano for the invitation!