Bar Method #MeInspiresWe Challenge

Cue the Final Countdown Music and say this in a movie phone voice: “We challenge you, dear readers, to a battle to the death…of flappy arms and thighs.”

Join us this month, from January 11th-February 15th, and get toned as we try to go for the fitness gold and take as many Bar Method classes as possible for 35 days.  Starting tomorrow, new AND old clients to the Bar Method can take unlimited classes for 35 days for only 100 dollars.  That’s only $20 a week, or basically what you coffee addicts are pumping into Starbucks.

Here’s all the barre essentials-

Bar Method Beginnings:

Founded by Burr Leonard and inspired by the Lotte Berk Method, Bar Method is the first lady of barre: elegant and refined.  With 80 plus studios nationwide and celebrity followers, Bar Method delivers confidence and strength to women nationwide.


Bar Method(s):

So how will this 35 days change our bodies?  Each class has a carefully selected sequence to hit all your major muscle groups with low impact yet hard core (haha) movements.  Although each 60 minute class is different, expect to work AND stretch your triceps, biceps, abs (and abs and abs and abs), thighs and seat (aka da booty).  Along the way, we will be showing you our results and hope you will be inspired to barre down with us.


Bar Challenge

The Me Inspires We Challenge (#meinspireswechallenge) is this: push past any barriers and take many classes as possible in 35 days for a Grand Prize of 2 months of free classes!  At each studio, the clients who take the most classes win an ultra stylish Carbon 38 outfit.  2nd place winners will get a swag bag from Bar Method and 3rd place finishers get to chow down on healthy delicious food with $50 gift card from Lyfe Kitchen.


Follow our Bar Method journey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at ChiOrganicGirls to see the transformation.


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